AOG Repairs

Aircraft on Ground Support -

Aircraft on Ground Support

Aircraft Structural Contractors have become a provider of valuable AOG recovery services to airline operators. We have a quick responsive service for clients in need of experienced people and have proven as a valuable asset to operators in need of operational recovery.

With the ability to prepare a response team Australasia wide in a very short period of time, we can assist with all types of urgent repairs and maintenance no matter how big or small.

Some of our previous AOG services include:

  • Lightning Strikes
  • Pylon Repairs
  • Corrosion Repair
  • Door Surround Repair
  • Ground Handling Damage Repair
  • Rudder/ Trailing Edge/ Rear Spar Replacement
Although we have extensive experience on the above, we are not limited to these repairs only, and welcome all queries on any AOG repairs.

We are a valuable partner to airlines needing critical AOG services.

For all AOG enquiries, please contact our Operations Manager Michael Kirkman or email

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